Writing and Editing

Good Day Media makes you look good!

Good Day Media provides writing and editing services for fiction, non-fiction, and business communications.

Critique, structure, development, copy editing, line editing, continuity, research, timeline, and rewriting, LGBTQ+ sensitivity reader.

  • Fiction: contemporary, women's, romance, LGBT, novelized memoir, more
  • Non-fiction: memoir, self-help, business, finance, spiritual, more
  • YA, New Adult, Adult
  • No reading fee
  • Sample edit

There are many editors out there. We find errors others miss!

You can improve your writing with personalized instruction from Janet F. Williams. Get individual attention for your specific project. Learn how to use words to your advantage. Develop your unique voice. Engage your readers. Enjoy the process. Get tips and techniques for editing, character and plot development, outline formation, resolving timeline confusion, dialogue, and more.

  • Fiction, non-fiction, speculative, business, self-help, spiritual, etc.

No contract. Sliding scale fee.

Whether your writing appears in print or on the web, we help make it better. We write content for your specific audience, and of course, correct grammar and typos when updating existing pieces.

  • Website content
  • Website audits (examine each page and make suggestions for improvement)
  • Internal and external documents, proposals
  • Business and personal correspondence
  • Non-fiction ghostwriting
  • Blog posts, articles, newsletters, and more

Customers, associates, family, and friends, all form opinions based on your writing. Be assured your documents convey your intent. We carefully craft and proofread your message so you don't suffer the embarrassment of an unwanted "Oops!"

"I know my business, except I'm not a very good writer. Janet takes what I've written and fixes it so it says what I mean. I'd be lost without her."
- Confidential

Print publications, e-books, and speaking

Good Day Media is happy to consult with you regarding your paperback and e-book publication needs, manuscript content and preparation, character development and conversation, book cover, and interior book design.

Janet F. Williams frequently presents talks on her award-winning book, "You Don't Ask, You Don't Get." Learn how to ask for what you want and increase your chances for getting it. She is also available to speak to your group about e-book marketing trends and the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing. Great for business and networking meetings, book clubs, libraries, writing groups, and more. Consider Janet for your next author's event and ask about discounts for book pre-orders! For more class information, please visit: https://www.janetfwilliams.com/services/speakingandworkshops/

Writing samples

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Janet Williams writer

Hire a "10"

During a busy time, I brought Janet in to help me edit a few manuscripts. I pride myself on doing meticulous work, and expect the same from anyone I hire. Janet, an excellent writer, was a '10' on all counts, identifying and correcting errors in syntax, punctuation, and spelling, as well as noting rough spots in the narratives and smoothing them over. She was creative, a fresh pair of eyes, a good communicator, and mindful of returning all work comfortably ahead of deadlines. Janet was also very helpful in detailing important, up-to-date aspects of e-book publication…information important to me and my clients. I continue to use her services and happily recommend her."

-Lois Winsen, Editor-on-tap


Manuscript editing
"I am very grateful to Ms. Janet F. Williams for critiquing my novel and coaching me on key events within it. Her impressive focus on the story structure and content rendered my novel more gripping and intriguing. Janet is a hard-working full-service editor, and provides you with very comprehensive and thorough editing. I highly recommend Janet to anybody to brighten their fiction work and would not hesitate enlisting her generous and productive help in the future."
- Sattar Memon, author, Soul's Fury

LinkedIn Recommendation
"Janet (did) a full audit on my new website prior to launching the site to make sure the content was well-written, with no typos or omissions. She was extremely thorough and expedient...it looked very professional."
Read full review here.

Laguna Woods Writers Club
"Your presentation was outstanding! A speaker like you who entertained and educated the audience is a special treat for our club."
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